Top 4 Roofing Trends For Your Residential & Commercial Premises

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Top 4 Roofing Trends For Your Residential & Commercial Premises

Roofing TrendsA roof is the most significant part of your home exterior. It should be strong to deal with harsh weather conditions and elegant to enhance the curb appeal of your home. There are various types of roofs, roofing material and colors that can drastically affect the style and appearance of your premises. Keeping the needs of homeowners, here listed top roofing trends.

  • Solar Roofs
    Solar roofs perform by integrating solar panels into roofing material that look traditional. This is the right way in which green movement brought excellent attention to panels in playing the role of a roof.
  • Metal Roofs
    Metal roofs are considered to be the durable and low maintenance roofing type that is available at a budget-friendly cost. Among others, copper roofs are the prominent choice of people.
  • Cool Roofs
    Cool roofs may not generate energy, but it can help save on utility bills. It is a blend of many distinct methods of reducing heat transfer from your roof to the below structure.
  • Designer Roofs
    Designer roofs consist of a wide range of material and style to give your roof uniqueness. The reasons behind the popularity of this type of roofs are some designer roofs are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Your roof is one of your more significant investments for your residential and commercial premises. Take time to choose the right roof, and if you need professionals help, call us at Prestige Roofing in Ontario. Our team of roofers not only helps in selecting the right roof but also provides roof installation and maintenance service. Call us to get free estimates.

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